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Fascias and Soffits are the lining products found behind and under the guttering that protect the roofline and loft cavity from wind and rain. Correctly fitted and sealed, these linings will protect your home for years, occasionally though they will start to perish and will no longer protect your property like they were intended to. When you are in need of Fascias and Soffits in North Dublin, Atha Cliath Roofing & Guttering will come to you at a time convenient to you and work out what is required. We fit a wide range of products suited to all budget types. Our fascia installers will strip your fascia cavity back and remove any unwanted contaminants cleaning the roofline area. We then fit new fascias and soffits to the highest of standards ensuring you are happy along the way.

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Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

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What Are Fascias?
The fascia on your property is the long straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. The fascias we fit are screwed to treated timber noggings that we bolt to the joist on your property. When installed correctly, these will support the lower run of tiles and hold your guttering in place.
What are Soffits?
The Soffit protects your rafters from the weather elements. If your rafters are exposed in any areas, you’ll likely have mold buildup and rotting beams to replace.
What is Guttering?
A gutter is a narrow trough or channel that runs around the perimeter of the roof. The purpose of the gutter is to collect and funnel away any water that lands on the roof. Gutters take water away from the building’s foundations, protect exterior surfaces, and stop water from entering your home.
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