Chimney Repairs

Is your chimney structure damaged? Is the lead flashing around your chimney loose? We recommend checking your chimney once a year for structural integrity. Loose lead flashing and loose brickwork can cause rain to directly leak into the roof of your home and lead to all sorts of expensive and dangerous damage.

Chimney Repairs Dublin

At Roof Repair Dublin, we can rebuild all types of brick and concrete chimneys in Dublin. We can re-point and replace any damaged brickwork in your chimney. We can re-attach loose lead flashing or install new flashing around the base of your chimney making sure it stays watertight.

We can install chimney cowls to stop birds entering and building nests in your chimneys. We can provide a large selection of cowls and help you pick the best option for your chimney.

We Use Only The Finest Materials On The Market!

If its only minor repair work or completely re-building your chimney, we can help. We are open 7 days a week for free on site visits. We can give your chimney a free inspection and give you a free quotation if any work is required on it.

We stand by all our work 100% and we have a written guarantee of up to 5 years on all chimney repair work we undertake.



We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.



We offer the most competitive pricing amongst roofing contractors in Dublin.



We’re available 24/7, so if you’ve an emergency, or you simply need to contact us for a quote you can call us any time.

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