Dry Verges Cabinteely

Dry Verge Installers in Cabinteely

As authorized local installers of dry verges in Cabinteely, we offer a wide variety of bespoke color options and style finishing. Options include matching options for uPVC fascia and soffits.

During testing, we discovered that ridge tiles and verges mechanically fastened were more resilient and less prone to come loose in storms. This is just one of the many benefits of dry ridge and dry verge systems, which also include:

  • No ongoing maintenance of mortar ridges and verges
  • Significantly quicker and easier to install
  • Improved airflow, which reduces condensation on the roof
  • Increased roof lifespan due to reduced likelihood of water damage

Upgrade the ridges on your house today with a new dry ridge and dry verge system.

Dry Verges Cabinteely

Benefits of a Dry Verge System in Cabinteely

  • Gives customers a clear visual path to the edge
  • Offers a continuous weather-proof covering for gable verges
  • Does not require mortar bedding or a slate undercoat
  • Can be installed even in bad weather and takes less time and labor to complete
  • Makes PVC bargeboards, soffits, and fascias look better after installation
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Features reliable connectors for joints
  • Does not require special equipment or adhesives, making maintenance minimal and repairs simple
  • Improves the overall strength of the roof and protection against wind damage

At our company, we have been working on roof ridge and verge systems for over 30 years. In that time, we have stopped building wet verges on any of our new roofs in Cabinteely and only utilize dry verge solutions.

If you live in the County Cabinteely region of Ireland, we offer a quick same-day response and can arrive at your home in under an hour. Contact us at 085 215 5510 for a free, no-obligation quote.

To ensure that each and every roofing service is completed to the highest standards and in accordance with approved specifications, we only employ reputable suppliers for our roofing supplies. Replace your fascia, soffits, guttering, and dry verges in Cabinteely today and receive a MASSIVE discount.

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